Switzerland travel 2021

Our eBook is now available in Amazon Kindle /Amazon mobile app, Apple iBooks, and Kobo books. The eBook is a detailed guide to mesmerizing places to visit in Switzerland. Whether you are the first time traveler or visiting Switzerland for the second time, the eBook has multiple options to read. The eBook has concise options for numerous unexplored places with pictures, maps, website links, directions and many more.

A concise guide to visit Switzerland – especially customized to view awe-inspiring places in Switzerland, unexplored by others. If you love traveling, visiting Switzerland’s amazing locations will surely make your dream come true. This concise guide is for International Travelers from Asia, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and Greater Europe.

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Below picture is the book cover

Ebook cover published in Amazon Kindle, Kobo eBooks, and Apple iBooks.
This video shows how the eBook looks like in the Amazon Kindle /moblile app.

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Naturelle,believe in green and the healing power of nature, mountains,lakeside.Living in Switzerland. Send an email if you want a customized travel plan of mesmerizing Switzerland 🇨🇭

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