Visit Swiss mountains and lakes

The mind-blowing views of Switzerland will reinvigorate your mind.

We will specially customize your trip to Switzerland for a memorable holiday to cherish for your entire life.

A travel experience in Switzerland is worth a thousand words.

Some amazing facts about Switzerland

  • Switzerland has 7000 lakes
  • It’s a small country but the most innovative one.
  • One of the countries with the highest quality of life though an expensive one.
  • Is home to two of the most livable cities of the world, Geneva and Zurich.
  • 25% of the population is foreign.
  • Low unemployment rate,highest salary and job security.
  • Assisted suicide is legal and attracts foreign suicide tourists.
  • Owns lots of guns, but has the lowest crime rates.
Beautiful Landscape.

Cosy and relaxing trips enables you to view the awe-inspiring lakes,mountainscapes.

Gorgeous Countryside.

Moderate walking trail leads to breathe-taking countryside views of cottages and green meadows.

Amazing Alps View

The Magnificent Swiss Alps are home to some of the most dramatic scenery in the world.


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5 Reasons to choose your travel in Switzerland
  • Panorama- Switzerland’s numerous panoramic trains delight their guests with captivating scenery slowly passing by.
  • Convenience- Travelling is always comfortable by trains, buses, cable-cars, cog wheelrails, boats and funiculars.
  • Accessibility- The route network of train, bus and boat reaches every travel destination. When the train comes in, boat and postbus are already waiting. Regular interval timetables enable travellers to reach all main destinations in half-hour intervals.
  • If you love viewing snow-clad mountains, then winter is the perfect time to visit the Wonderland.The jaw-dropping vistas of the Alps full of Glaciers surely gonna take your breath away.
  • Photography- If you are a professional photographer, Switzerland offers world’s most photographed mountain, landscape, lake and green views.
Switzerland is known as the world’s hiking paradise.Some interesting facts about hiking in Switzerland
  • Switzerland’s hiking trail network covers around 65,000km. Hiking is Switzerland’s most popular national sport. 18 to 35 years are the most avid multi-day hikers.
  • Swiss hiking trail network boasts a world record, there is an average of 1.9km of hiking trails per square kilometer throughout Switzerland.
  • Signposts at 50,000 spots along the way inform hikers of the type of trail, its final destination, and sometimes its estimated duration. All hiking trails are checked on foot each year by more than 1,500 hiking-trail staff, many of whom are volunteers.
  • 10% of all hiking trails are by the waterside, 9% along a river or stream, and roughly 1% along a lake.
  • 69 obstacle-free hiking routes signposted with a white information panel. These can be accessed by people in wheelchairs or families with buggies – the sheer size of this network of obstacle-free trials is one of a kind in the world.

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